Industry 4.0

The challenge of any business regarding industry 4.0 is to gather quality data, provide intelligence and reliability for the production processes and cultivate the KPI of each level decision. This applies to all types of industry.

At the base of the digital transformation revolution of modern industry is the connection between the manufacturing processes through the industrial of Things (IIoT) and instruments and control tools.

The industry faces day-to-day challenges improving competition and maximizing profits by reducing increases and streamlining production and quality processes.

MTR's Iot Industrial Solutions

Manufacturing and logistics companies are leading the implementation of IoT and Industry 4.0 projects.

MTR’s solutions for Industry 4.0 and IoT offer added value to those projects, the factories are always improving, growing and smarter in a dynamic market that requires the latest technology to achieve excellent ROI and return.

A number of best practices can be highlighted:

• Gather key data for the digital transformation process.

• Collects automated human error data and enables real-time control of events and KPIs and event alerts.

• Bringing solutions and integration with management tools (ERPs, SGAs …).

In-depth knowledge and understanding in the fields of production: production, logistics and services.

Utilization of advanced communication protocols.

Applications of IoT technology for Industry

The purpose of MTR is to apply our knowledge, services and products in order to improve the operational processes of our information.

Some of the ways we can contribute to this cause:

• Automatic collection of production data, via direct connection to devices.

• Real-time monitoring of processes for streamlining and improving operational efficiency (OEE).

• Internal / external geolocation of properties, which allows control of the location of warehouses and light products, while trying to minimize return time.

• Weighing a portable and fixed forklift, combined with weight identification and plates of trucks.

• Tracking of pallets and forklift. A specific solution for the food industry and conservation cells.

• Material, humidity, weight and more control for trucks and refrigerated vehicles.

• Quality control / production through artificial vision.

MTR SmartNet for cloud-based data monitoring and management, offers customizable KPIs, customizable for any production model.

• Integration with management tools (ERP, SGA …) and data analysis (business intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and more).

Industry Products

Brings the Internet of Things to industry and offers new applications for automation of factories, automotive applications, industrial networks, building and infrastructure, transportation, energy applications …

Added compatibility with new industrial protocol modules and MTR sensors API libraries can connect to the cloud sensor information from industrial devices.

The company’s communication and solution solutions enable a comprehensive response to the customer’s needs and the development of a customized management system. 

MTR Industry 4.0 Sensors, can operate in multiple types of situations.
It can be used to connect any industrial existing sensor, or connect industrial devices and processes to the cloud.
The primary aim is offering extremely flexibility and interoperability to any industry that need to send data from the productive process to the Internet with any wireless connectivity, and to provide the possibility to add at any moment new sensors that will work with the existing communication.

MTR Industry Sensors
• Water, electricity, oil & gas meters.
• Liquid level sensors.
• Liquid or gas flow sensors.
• Temperature sensors.
• Distance, presence and proximity sensors (“laser”, ultrasonic, photo-electric).
• Weight sensors.
• Pressure sensors.
• Chemical sensors (CO2, O2, pH, etc).
• Biological sensors (bacteria, etc).
• Actuators (motors, pumps, PLCs, variable-frequency drives, relays, etc).
Infrastructure Control and Monitoring
• Turn pumps on / off
• Open / close taps
• Measure pressure
• etc
Noise & Air Quality in factories
• Temperature, humidity and pressure
• Carbon Monoxide (CO) for low concentrations
• Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
• Oxygen (O2)
• Ozone (O3)
• Nitric Oxide (NO)
• Nitric Dioxide high accuracy (NO2)
• Sulfur Dioxide high accuracy (SO2)
• Ammonia (NH3)
• Methane (CH4) and Combustible Gas
• Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
• Particle Matter (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10) – Dust 1
GPS Tracker
The GPS Tracker is the ideal GPS beacon for geolocation of equipment without requiring an external power source. This GPS tracker, resistant to weathering and external aggressions, is equipped with magnets, which allows it to be installed very simply. The optimization of the software, linked to the use of an accelerometer and the transmission of data through the wireless network. Use case of the GPS Tracker Construction, Logistics Assets Tracking Container Tracking etc
Control of trucks and refrigerated vehicles
Optimizing control of the vehicle fleet • Identify faults and prevent them in real time • Control and maintenance of the motor • Ensuring that the cooling compartment / trunk meets the appropriate conditions
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