About Us

MTR was established in 2009 as a startup company which develops a unique RF protocols and high energy efficiency transceivers in smart networks.
Nowadays, MTR offers the next generation of smart network and empowers customers by setting up a network with sensors and other IOT solutions. The end units are communicating with each other as one holistic unit or working isolated.

MTR is a leading manufacturer in the Smart Grid and the IOT industry. Our patented solutions and services are developed to meet the needs of the customer while maximizing suitability for each case.

MTR conquers the Internet Of Things (IOT) and the Smart Grid challenge with innovative two-way wireless technology and a comprehensive software platform to manage and control an entire utility distribution network.  

We specialize in designing and developing advanced and AMR and AMI tools that changes the whole perception of the way cities, industries and organizations are managed.
Our patented technologies help the customer improve the operational and financial achievements of a service company, provide remote information at any given moment on the smart network and enable automation between the system components.

MTR built in system redundancy makes 100% grid coverage a reality. MTR Smart Grid™ system has been created for industries where access to live data and the ability to positively react to field conditions and individual grid end points is essential in adding value to their operations. Catering to the rapidly changing requirements of utility grids, MTR Smart Grid ™ Wireless solutions have been developed to integrate with other grid control elements such as local grid administration and deliver enhanced CRM tools.

Our two-way radio technology and the other protocols provide mass deployment and data communication ability in any multi-end point environment regardless of size.
The system can be used for any application requiring two-way communication with multi-end point arrangements and seamlessly integrates with MTR Smart Grid’s other digital solutions, providing scheduling, remote control and monitoring based on MTR SmartNet open platform architecture.

MTR has over 13 years of experience in 68 projects and over 100,000 active end units.
Today, our tailor-made solutions assist our clients to meet their challenges by incorporating advanced, unique and competitive technology.


MTR Smart Grid™:

  • Delivers powerful and flexible AMI and IOT tools
  • Cleverly balances two-way wireless data transfer of; real time captured inputs, stored content and return path command and control
  • Is not limited by geographical, distribution density, or environmental boundaries

MTR’s main objective is to deliver the most cost effective and robust “Last-Mile” two-way data communication Smart Grid solutions for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing smart cities, industry 4.0, agriculture and more…

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