MTR provides smart street lighting solutions helping cities, utilities and local government organisations around the world to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions. Telensa supports cities as they strive for greener, more liveable and safer neighbourhoods for all

Smart Street Lighting

Street lighting is one of the most essential services provided by municipalities, and the electricity bill of lighting is one of their biggest expenses. 
While replacing LED lighting fixtures can reduce up to 50% of energy consumption, smart controls, including proactive maintenance, can further lower annual operating costs, improves service levels and enables lighting to respond to citizen needs.


MTR Smart Streetlight systems enable municipalities and services to control and manage street lighting operations with operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
The system pays for itself in reduced energy and maintenance costs, improves quality of maintenance through automatic fault reporting.
In addition, upgrading the city lighting systems to the MTR system turns the lighting poles into income-producing and strategic assets that can be connected to cameras, smart sensors, digital billboards and more.


The system enables interfaces to security systems and encourages automation in the areas of the smart city through unique conditions and parameters.


MTR offers a variety of customized communication solutions and protocols depending on the number of lighting fixtures for the geographical layout of the terrain route and the customer’s request in order to provide the most appropriate solution for each project.

Management Site

MTR’s Mangement Site Cloud control and monitoring system with a central management site for multi-purpose smart street lighting.
It is a perfect solution for managing large scale outdoor lighting networks in order to control receive alerts and monitor the street lighting infrastructure while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

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